Drawings and paintings at your reception?!

Because I work so many weddings, I get to see some unique and personal touches at every wedding that make you say, “wow!” I have decided to round up a few of my favorites in hopes of inspiring future couples to add a little spice to their wedding!

As a disclaimer, there is NOTHING wrong with a classic, traditional wedding, and if that’s what you love, then I encourage that! But, some brides like to change things up sometimes, so this is for them!

First off – caricatures. I shot a beautiful wedding where the bride and groom hired an artist to draw caricatures during the reception. Guests could go sit in front of him while he drew amazing pictures of them. Caricature artists are typically very quick, and this one was no exception. The guests would sit with him for 5-10 minutes, and then they’d have a drawing to take home with them. I thought it was such a fun idea to include the guests in!

Next up – and my personal favorite – live paintings. You can hire an artist to come to your wedding/reception and paint a moment in time. This is such a beautiful touch, and even more amazing as you get to leave the wedding night with the painting. I’ve linked a website below to a very talented artist who provides this service, as well as a link to one of her TikTok videos showcasing this work. The price is steep if you are on a budget, but well worth the cost!

Finally, signature cocktails. While this one isn’t super new to people, it is always such a personal touch that I love (although I never get to try them!). Lots of people include their hobbies, favorite things, or pets into the names of the drinks. This is also a good way to get a bit of cash back for an otherwise open bar.

All in all, every wedding is unique in it’s own way, and that’s part of what I love so much about photographing them. There is a story to be told in every set of photos. I’ll do another one of these posts down the line as I see more unique things. Be sure to subscribe below to get email notifications every time I post a new blog!



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