Jennifer & Jacob

This wedding had me crying so many times. Jennifer and Jacob are truly the epitome of true love.

I had the pleasure of shooting Jennifer and Jacob’s engagement shoot a while back, and was fortunate enough to also be the one to shoot the wedding. During their engagement shoot when I got to know them, I learned they are goofy, kind, smart, and most importantly – madly in love.

Jennifer has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and she talked about how in the past when she’d told people they would just run away. Then Jacob came along. She opened up to him about it, and instead of running, he went home and did his own research on MS so he could become familiar with it and learn to help her as best as possible. Jennifer knew he was the one right then.

They got engaged very shortly after getting together, but seeing them you’d think they’ve been together for 20 years. Their love is passionate, kind, and intimate. I’m very blessed to have been able to share those moments with them. Here’s to Jennifer and Jacob – I wish you nothing but happiness!

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