Turning a sad date into a great one

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to shoot Chris and Rachel’s absolutely beautiful wedding on a day we all know so well. 09/11/2001.

On this day, Chris’s mother was on the 51st floor of the first tower when it was hit. She thankfully was able to make it out before the building collapsed, and has now written a few books about it. Rachel is a Marine veteran, and she knew she wanted to join the military because of the events that took place on 9/11.

This date has always been significant to each of them, so they decided they wanted to turn that date into a good one for them to remember.

These two were amazing, and they were two of the most patriotic people I’ve ever met. It was so nice to see in a time when we’ve all seemed to forgotten we are United.

Chris and Rachel – I thank the both of you so much for allowing me to share in your special day and hear about your stories. I wish you both a happy ever after 🇺🇸

Angela & Patrick’s Wedding

This wedding had my emotions on a rollercoaster the entire day.

I had the pleasure of shooting Angela and Patrick’s beautiful wedding this past Saturday at Big Horse Vineyards. Their venue is gorgeous, and they did a fantastic job with the entire day.

Angela and Patrick have been together for quite a while now, and have 2 kids of their own. Their years together have allowed their love for each other to just keep growing, and that was made evident in the day I spent with them.

Patrick’s mother recently passed away, and their daughter made a surprise slideshow for him during the time set for a mother/son dance. Seeing everyone surround him and show him how much they love him was so powerful.

The glitz and glamour of weddings is nice, but this is what weddings are all about. Luckily for Angela and Patrick, they had the powerful emotions AND the glamour. Angela rode into the ceremony on a horse and carriage. Talk about an entrance!

All in all, this was an incredibly memorable wedding. I am so thankful to Angela, Patrick, and their entire wedding party for being so great. Here’s to the newlyweds! 🥂

Jennifer & Jacob

This wedding had me crying so many times. Jennifer and Jacob are truly the epitome of true love.

I had the pleasure of shooting Jennifer and Jacob’s engagement shoot a while back, and was fortunate enough to also be the one to shoot the wedding. During their engagement shoot when I got to know them, I learned they are goofy, kind, smart, and most importantly – madly in love.

Jennifer has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and she talked about how in the past when she’d told people they would just run away. Then Jacob came along. She opened up to him about it, and instead of running, he went home and did his own research on MS so he could become familiar with it and learn to help her as best as possible. Jennifer knew he was the one right then.

They got engaged very shortly after getting together, but seeing them you’d think they’ve been together for 20 years. Their love is passionate, kind, and intimate. I’m very blessed to have been able to share those moments with them. Here’s to Jennifer and Jacob – I wish you nothing but happiness!

Kristen & Zach’s Wedding

Kristen and Zach’s wedding was such a blast. It took place at Kickapoo Creek Winery, which, by the way, did an AMAZING job. The colors, the flowers, the dress…everything was perfect.

The love Kristen and Zach have for each other is powerful. My favorite part of the day was having the honor of watching Zach read a personal letter Kristen wrote him before the ceremony. He made it through about 3 sentences before losing it, and it was such an emotional moment. I found myself crying along with him (although who am I kidding – I cry at every wedding). This made for one of my favorite photos of the day.

It was raining hard the entire day, right up until their first kiss – then it stopped. It was a powerful moment that I pointed out to Kristen and Zach, and they started tearing up all over again.

Thank you so much to Kristen and Zach for allowing me to share your special moments with you! I wish you all the best.

Meghan & Jarrod Davenport Wedding

WOW! That’s all I have to say about this wedding. It was absolutely beautiful, and they spared no expense on every detail. But even more beautiful than the material items was Meghan and Jarrod’s love for each other. From the time I arrived until the moment I left, I was overwhelmed by the love between these two, as well as the incredible support from both sides of their families.

Meghan’s dress was breathtakingly gorgeous, and Jarrod looked pretty killer in that navy tux! This was a HOT wedding, with temps well into the 90’s, but that didn’t stop these two from looking amazing.

The Davenport wedding was definitely one of my favorites I’ve shot. I am so grateful to them for allowing me to share in their special day. Here’s to a happy life to them! 🥂