Angela & Patrick’s Wedding

This wedding had my emotions on a rollercoaster the entire day.

I had the pleasure of shooting Angela and Patrick’s beautiful wedding this past Saturday at Big Horse Vineyards. Their venue is gorgeous, and they did a fantastic job with the entire day.

Angela and Patrick have been together for quite a while now, and have 2 kids of their own. Their years together have allowed their love for each other to just keep growing, and that was made evident in the day I spent with them.

Patrick’s mother recently passed away, and their daughter made a surprise slideshow for him during the time set for a mother/son dance. Seeing everyone surround him and show him how much they love him was so powerful.

The glitz and glamour of weddings is nice, but this is what weddings are all about. Luckily for Angela and Patrick, they had the powerful emotions AND the glamour. Angela rode into the ceremony on a horse and carriage. Talk about an entrance!

All in all, this was an incredibly memorable wedding. I am so thankful to Angela, Patrick, and their entire wedding party for being so great. Here’s to the newlyweds! 🥂

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